3D Print Gallery

Here is a showcase of some of my favorite prints for your inspiration. I’ve included links to the filaments and files used for your convenience. Please note that these links may be connected to affiliate accounts that earn me a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting Make Anything!

Psychlopath Puzzle No.6

This maddening puzzle features 3 inter-looping tracks that twist together, jumbling up 36 marbles in 6 different colors. Every time you twist the halves, you’re affecting all 3 loops, and the tangled form alone is enough to drive unprepared puzzlers insane. This variation is from my “One-of-a-Kind” collection, and I quite liked how the ultra-vibrant Light Blue and Electric Orange MatterHackers PRO Series PLA paired together.

Psychlopath STL (Thangs)

MH PRO Series PLA (MatterHackers)

YouTube Video

New Ambiguous Shapes

In 2022 I revisited the confounding ambiguous shapes first developed by Professor Kokichi Sugihara with the mission of creating some brand new illusions, and teaching you how to make your own with a tutorial. Besides new shapes, I also used MatterHackers Quantum PLA to add a color change to strengthen the illusion even further…OH, and an Ambiguous Springo!

Ambiguous Illusion STLs (MMF)

MH Quantum PLA (MatterHackers)

YouTube Video (Cool Prints)

Tutorial Video

OP-1 Custom Knobs

As a lover of options, I’ve designed loads of different replacement knobs for my OP-1. Such a fun instrument deserves these playful prints! Most examples were printed with MatterHackers PRO Series PLA for their vibrant colors, and the matte knobs are SpiderMaker PLA, which is also a joy to print with.

OP-1 Super Customizer Kit STLs (Thangs)

MH PRO Series PLA (MatterHackers)

SpiderMaker Matte PLA (Amazon)

YouTube Video

OP-1 Pedal Kit

I designed this pedal kit so I could play my OP-1 synthesizer with my feet. This lets me use it like a drum kit while playing another instrument with my hands. The filaments were chosen for both their functionality and to match the aesthetic of the OP-1

OP-1 Pedal Kit STLs (Thangs)

GG3D ‘Devin Montes Cool Grey’ 100% Recycled PETG filament (GG3D)

          • use coupon code ‘MAKEANYTHING’

Black MH Build TPU (MatterHackers)

YouTube Video

Boulder Phone

A fun custom phonecase I designed for my OnePlus 6. I took advantage of the rough QIDI TECH PEI Build Plate to match the texture of a climbing wall, and then glued in the individual holds, printed with matte Polyterra PLA.

Polymaker Polyterra PLA (Polymaker US)

          • Amazon Link

Fillamentum Luminous Yellow Extrafill PLA (MatterHackers)

QIDI TECH Flexible PEI Build Plate (Amazon)

Furry Capybara

This adorable figurine was printed in 3 parts to avoid using support materials, and then detailed with a wood burner to hide the seams and make the fur extra furry. It’s a time-consuming but satisfying process that I hope to use again! Printed with SpiderMaker Matte PLA (Kraft Brown), and a touch of Testors Enamel Paint for the eyes.

Split Capybara STLs (Thangs)

SpiderMaker 3D Matte PLA (Amazon)

Lime Green MH Build PLA (MatterHackers)

Testors Black Gloss Enamel Paint (Amazon)

Wood Burning Tool (Amazon)

YouTube Video

Insta360 X3 Case

I made some custom protective cases for my Insta360 X3 camera. I find they do a better job of ensuring that the domed 360 lenses don’t make contact with anything. I chose PolyTerra PLA for the nice matte finish, even though it may have slightly less impact resistance than a standard PLA… in this case I still figured it offers plenty of protection!

Polymaker PolyTerra PLA (Polymaker US)

          • Amazon Link

• Insta360 X3 360 Camera (Insta360)

          • Amazon Link

• Insta360 X3 BestCase STLs (Thangs)

YouTube Video

Polypanels Coral Lithophane Lamp

This lamp is assembled with 19 identical Polypanels, plus one special panel that fits the Ikea Hemma Light. Thanks to the Polypanels system you can exchange any part to fit a custom light fixture or change the patterns as you please.

Coral Lithophane STL file (MMF)

Hemma Light Panel STL (MMF)

Stråla Light Panel STL (MMF)